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Welcome TO P2

The second Advertising Plan agency was established in Riyadh to provide various services in the field of advertising, media, exhibition processing, exhibition organizing, publishing, distribution, import and export in Saudi Arabia.

Since its establishment, the Agency has worked to instill values in its employees in all departments and disciplines and has also brought the latest technology of equipment in its fields to gain a competitive position in the kingdom’s markets. The agency is working in a spirit that are capable of facing all the challenges, so The company’s management believes in the self-development in all aspects based on technical, human and scientific bases, the agency has moved a qualitative leap in the quality of the services it offers since its inception, as it provides solutions and ideas that meet the needs of the client and commensurate with the size of its facilities. It has also been able to provide all the services required by the client as a result of the significant development of the tools and accumulated experience acquired by the agency over a decade.

The main focus

The essence of our products and services is to provide suitable solutions for the production and dissemination of media and advertising content in all its forms. We always strive to develop our services in line with the needs of the renewable market and meet the needs of our customers in all their segments. Based on a sound scientific basis by providing a customer-centric team 􀊗 Adapting advanced technologies to meet customer needs

Mission And Vision

We seek in the agency of the second plan to take care of the most accurate things and things that mean to us a lot and is always seeking to serve our customers respect the deadlines, credibility in the work and provide advice and information useful to customers, even before dealing with them and try to provide equipment and services at the lowest possible cost and stay away from Marketing cheap and non-practical equipment, and thus we seek to achieve a distinguished position among our competitors.

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