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Our Company

The second Advertising Plan agency was established in Riyadh to provide various services in the field of advertising, media, exhibition processing, exhibition organizing, publishing, distribution, import and export in Saudi Arabia.

Since its establishment, the Agency has worked to instill values in its employees in all departments and disciplines and has also brought the latest technology of equipment in its fields to gain a competitive position in the kingdom’s markets. The agency is working in a spirit that are capable of facing all the challenges, so The company’s management believes in the self-development in all aspects based on technical, human and scientific bases, the agency has moved a qualitative leap in the quality of the services it offers since its inception, as it provides solutions and ideas that meet the needs of the client and commensurate with the size of its facilities. It has also been able to provide all the services required by the client as a result of the significant development of the tools and accumulated experience acquired by the agency over a decade.

Planning and strategy

We develop action plans and strategies that are realistic and designed to achieve basic results.

High quality services

Providing high quality services to help your company transform your business into success in the digital world

Innovative solutions

We offer the world’s leading advertising and advertising expertise to deliver your business solutions

Polyphonic characters

Polyphonic characters

Polyphonic characters such as office, shop, clinic and other areas


Graphic and creative design

The Agency has a team of painters specialized in drawing stories, curricula, games, animations and paintings

Metal cutters

Metal cutters

Printing of metal sculptures as mobile advertising in exhibitions, conferences, companies, offices, shops, clinics and other different areas.

TV Director

Visual and audiovisual production

It became necessary for companies and institutions to confirm their media and advertising presence in the fields of visual and audiovisual production

Advertising boards

Manufacture of metal plates

The Agency has a team of specialists in the design and implementation of paintings and advertising walls in all their forms and types

Interactive screens

Rental and sale of interactive screens

We have electronic displays of all kinds, internal and external, which are the latest

Printing and Design


The agency has its own printing department, it produces all kinds of prints with high technology

Advertising guidance

Promotional gifts

The importance of serving corporate advertising guidance is to keep your logo and brand in mind so it works


Internet marketing is the best and fastest way to achieve your profits and meet your ambitions

Web design and mobile app

Whatever your business, we are able to meet all your needs from dynamic websites and mobile apps

Web Hosting

Free Domain Arabic Control Panel Unlimited Site Hosting all your sites with one account and one cost

Interior Design

The agency has a team of interior design engineers who design, supervise and implement interiors including


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